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About Ridgeview House

Here at Ridgeview House we believe the best stories should inspire our readers and promote joy. In the best tradition of inspirational publishing, Ridgeview House publishes devotionals, church drama, and stories that encourage our readers.

Ridgeview House writers are dedicated Christians who are called by God to minister to the Church, the Body of Christ.

Our publications promote Christian values such as sacrificial love, devotion to the family, and holy living. 

We seek to spread the Gospel, how God, the Father, sent His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, to be our Redeemer and how through the ministry of God, the Holy Spirit, we become partakers of the divine Nature.

The Ridgeview House Team


Therefore, we publish inspiring Fiction, Devotionals, Home School Curriculum, and Drama. Our editorial team works with the finest authors writing today. Contact us for the latest releases from Ridgeview House. 

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